New interview with author Theresa Smith

Featured in Theresa Smith's 'Behind the Pen'

October 4, 2017 / Theresa Smith Writes

It was great to talk to the talented Theresa about writing and other pressing matters recently.

Here's the link and photo of the start of the interview below.

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Author Sally Piper's great review of 'Le Chateau'

Read Sally Piper (Grace's Table) great review of 'Le Chateau' here. Link below. I loved Grace's Table' and have reviewed earlier here (see journal section) so I was thrilled to read her review of 'Le Chateau' which she calls 'a sensual and sexy romance. It draws on Gothic tropes, which bring a deep sense of foreboding to its deliciously evocative and authentic French setting.' Read the full review at the link:

Read Sally Piper's full review here:

Read Sally Piper's full review here:

Le Chateau June re-release

What do you think of Le Chateau's new cover? Out in bookstores June 1.


The new cover is a departure in the brighter colours, the rendering of the Chateau and a depiction of Charlotte. I love the continuation also of all the fonts: title and author name. I also love the excerpt quote from Melissa Ashley, brilliant author of 'The Birdman's Wife'. I'm so thrilled Melissa loved my book enough to appear on the cover! details on my facebook page: SarahRidout/ Author and the page.

Great Review of 'Le Chateau' by Aus Rom Today

Aus Rom Today calls Le Chateau 'an elegant, engrossing read that will certainly last the test of time with readers. It is delivered in a vividly poetic style and provided an additional layer of nuanced beauty to the story line. Le Chateau is a must-read novel from one of Australia's newest storytellers.' Thanks J'aimee Brooker and the Aus Rom Team. I hope the Aus Rom Community love Le Chateau!
Here's the link and screen shot:

What's your favourite David Bowie song? OK you can pick 3! ;)

I had fun talking to Perth based writer Nadia King we talked about my hero David Bowie, my favourite Bowie songs (very hard to choose). We talked about Le Chateau and ideal casting of 'Le Chateau' THE Movie. See it was fun. Click on the link below to read the full interview.

Should authors receive a wage?

Pleased to be interviewed by Liljana Frey about Le Chateau, my WIP I'm focusing on for my Katherine Susannah Pritchard Fellowship, and my thoughts on the Scandinavian practice of paying authors a wage. I think it's a good one with many benefits to the country but economically and culturally.

Here's a screen shot and the link is in the caption below that.