Le Chateau June re-release

What do you think of Le Chateau's new cover? Out in bookstores June 1.


The new cover is a departure in the brighter colours, the rendering of the Chateau and a depiction of Charlotte. I love the continuation also of all the fonts: title and author name. I also love the excerpt quote from Melissa Ashley, brilliant author of 'The Birdman's Wife'. I'm so thrilled Melissa loved my book enough to appear on the cover! details on my facebook page: SarahRidout/ Author and the Bonnier.au page.

Great Review of 'Le Chateau' by Aus Rom Today

Aus Rom Today calls Le Chateau 'an elegant, engrossing read that will certainly last the test of time with readers. It is delivered in a vividly poetic style and provided an additional layer of nuanced beauty to the story line. Le Chateau is a must-read novel from one of Australia's newest storytellers.' Thanks J'aimee Brooker and the Aus Rom Team. I hope the Aus Rom Community love Le Chateau!
Here's the link and screen shot: